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Dice Carousel Kit

Dice Carousel Kit

It's a confusing way to store your dice. People have called the mechanism "Satisfying" and "Wow!" and "Why?…" as it advances to the next die every time the wee little door is opened. Uses a custom ratcheting mechanism that you build yourself.

Measures approximately 5" by 3" fully assembled. Made from 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood.

Check out our wonderful friend Rick's awesome TikTok!

All assembly required. Assembly instructions here.

The Dice Carousel Kit has been nominated for an ENnie Award! WooHoo!!
So honored to be nominated!


Unfortunately, due to…y'know (waves around), the cost of wood has gone up.

Like…a lot.

Therefore, we've had to increase the cost of our wood kits. But just by the bare minimum. Still looking for a better source of wood, stay tuned.

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  • Model: GCO-GCM016
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